Branch County Pest Management Services

Integrity Pest Management is committed to eradicating unwanted pests by utilizing Integrated Pest Management (IPM) practices. This approach will reduce the amount of pesticide used while providing maximum pest control results. IPM is mandated by the state of Michigan as the only acceptable management system allowed in schools, day-care and hospitals.

About Branch County, Michigan

Branch County was originally a New England settlement. The people who originally settled in Branch County were considered to be “Yankees” meaning that they were descendants from English Puritans that settled in the 1600s. The population of Branch County has decreased by about 539 residents since the 2000 census. We are committed to providing mosquito and tick control services to the residents of Branch County so they can enjoy the freedom to play, entertain or just relax in their yards without the annoyance and worry of mosquitoes.

Some towns in Branch County that we service include: Coldwater | Bronson | Union City | Quincy | Sherwood | East Gilead | Crystal Beach | Montgomery | Hodunk | Pearl Beach | Lockwood | Ray | Sans Souci Beach

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