Pest Control for Mice and Rats: Kalamazoo, MI and Surrounding Areas

Residents of West Michigan, like any other location in the world, have to deal with rodents, specifically mice and rats! Integrity Pest Management offers pest control for mice and rats. These little vermin can wreak all sorts of havoc when they enter our living space. They cause structural damage by chewing through insulation, wall board, wood and even the insulation on wiring which causes a fire hazard. Pest control for mice and rats may be needed if they become too much of a problem.

Not only do they damage our property, they carry diseases that can make people, especially children, sick. They also increase the symptoms of asthma and allergies and serve as hosts to other dangerous pests like ticks and fleas which will be brought into your house with the rodents. Just like cockroaches, mice multiply exponentially. A single pregnant mouse can have as many as 4500 offspring in just 1 year if left untended!

Signs of mice or rats living in the home include mouse droppings, holes in food packaging, gnawing, nests, or seeing the mice or rats themselves. And as mentioned above, some people will exhibit allergic reactions to the presence of mice and rats, especially if the infestation is heavy. Learn more about mice here.

Exclusion is the best prevention, but that can be difficult even in new construction. A mouse can fit through an opening the size of a dime and a rat through an opening the size of a quarter. If you suspect you may have an issue or simply want to prevent an issue, call Integrity Pest Management today. Our technician will inspect your property for any Integrated Pest Management (IPM) steps that can be taken including the removal of potential food or water sources, desirable harborage and suggesting entry points in need of alteration.

If you have an issue with mice, or any other pest for that matter, call Integrity Pest Management today at (269) 430-1980 to get your free inspection and quote.

How does our rodent elimination process work?

  1. After a free, complete interior and exterior inspection, we create a service plan to address the mouse or rat problem and provide you with a no-obligation quote.
  2. We come out and eliminate points of entry found during the inspection and take measures to eliminate any mice or rats already in the house. We take pride in being professional and timely while providing targeted, effective, environmentally responsible treatments.
  3. We stand behind our work – if you have a recurrence of the issue within 30 days, just contact us, we will handle it at no additional charge.
  4. If you’d like to take a more proactive and value-added approach, sign up for an annual Home Protection Plan, which includes a warranty that covers any pest issue covered by the plan for a full year.
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