Spider Pest Control

Spider pest control for Kalamazoo & Southwest Michigan

Spiders are probably the most sensationalized pest we will encounter thanks to Hollywood.  With over 3400 species of spiders living in North America alone, it is said that 75% of the human population is intimidated by spiders in one way or another. Integrity Pest Management offers Spider pest control for Kalamazoo, MI and surrounding areas.

The 5 scariest species in West Michigan are the Brown Recluse, Northern Black Widow, Wolf, Fishing and Jumping spiders.  Of the spiders that reside here, only the Brown Recluse and the northern Black Widow are venomous. The Wolf and Fishing spiders are big and fuzzy but aren’t typically aggressive and their bite is no worse than a bee sting.  Although the Jumping spider is our most aggressive spider and most likely to bite a human, their bites cause little pain. Gardeners tend to be the most at risk for disturbing their habitats and being bit by one.

Although I’ve listed the 5 scariest spiders in West Michigan, there are over 40 species in our state, and the majority of them are not much more than a nuisance. The biggest complaint we received from our customers is the mess spiders make on exterior siding as well as on interior walls, basements and closets. Spiders leave behind their feces in the form of little black dots.  They also leave unsightly cobwebs both inside and out.

If you’re one of the 75% that is intimidated by spiders, or just hate seeing their mess on your house, call Integrity Pest Management today at (269) 430-1980 for a free inspection and quote.  At IPM we have a plan designed specifically for the spiders of West Michigan. Call us today to discuss the details and determine what plan best suits your needs.

How does our spider elimination process work?

  1. After a free, complete interior and exterior inspection, we create a service plan to address the spider problem and provide you with a no-obligation quote.
  2. We come out and eliminate the spider problem. We take pride in being professional and timely, and we’ll contact you if there is any change in schedule. Your family and/or pets leave the room while we provide targeted, effective, and environmentally responsible treatments. You can typically return to the room 30 minutes after treatment.
  3. We stand behind our work – if you have a recurrence of the issue within 30 days, we will handle it at no additional charge.
  4. If you’d like to take a more proactive and value-added approach, sign up for an annual Home Protection Plan, which includes a warranty that covers any pest issue covered by the plan for a full year.
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