Stink Bug Pest Control & Boxelder Bug Elimination

Stink Bug Elimination: Kalamazoo, MI and Surrounding Areas

Integrity Pest Management offers Stink Bug pest control. Often referred to as Seasonal Invading Insects, several species of insects invade our homes in late summer-fall and remain through winter, often hidden inside walls. When temperatures rise in the spring, they appear again, this time trying to get out. The three most common seasonal invaders in West Michigan are the Brown Marmorated Stink Bug, Boxelder Bug and the Lady Bug or Multi-Colored Asian Beetle. They do not attack people or pets, stored foods, the home’s structure, or its furnishings.

Brown Marmorated Stink Bugs

This species is relatively new to West Michigan with the first reports being in 2011. It is an invasive species from Asia entering the US the early 2000’s. It feeds on over 300 different kinds of plants, including fruits, vegetables, and row crops making West Michigan prime habitat. The injury from their piercing-sucking mouth can lead to damage of the crops and severe economic losses. During the winter, they look for shelter in houses, garages, or even barns. They can become a nuisance in fall when many bugs can invade a home. True to their name, stink bugs can stink. The smell of them is slightly earthy, some say it resembles cilantro. This defensive liquid is secreted from the underside of their thorax when they feel like they are threatened. See this article for more information about Brown Marmorated Stink Bugs.

Boxelder Bugs

Adult boxelder bugs are about 1/2-inch long, black with orange or red color markings, with three stripes right behind the head. Boxelder Bugs are for the most part nuisance pests. These bugs do not cause damage to your home or business, however they’re feces stain very light surfaces. If you decide to smash the bug, they will emit an unpleasant odor.

Integrity Pest Management offers a separate program to deal with these invaders or a low-cost supplement to our year long Home Protection Plan. If you are tired of being invaded by stink bugs or other pests, call Integrity Pest Management today at (269) 430-1980 to get your free inspection and quote.

How does our stink bug/boxelder elimination process work?

  1. After a free, complete interior and exterior inspection, we create a service plan to address the stink bug or boxelder bug issue and provide you with a no-obligation quote.
  2. We come out and eliminate the stink bug/boxelder problem. We take pride in being professional and timely, and we’ll contact you if there is any change in schedule. Your family and/or pets leave the room while we provide targeted, effective, and environmentally responsible treatments. You can typically return to the room 30 minutes after treatment.
  3. We stand behind our work – if you have a recurrence of the issue within 30 days, we will handle it at no additional charge.
  4. If you’d like to take a more proactive and value-added approach, sign up for an annual Home Protection Plan, which includes a warranty that covers any pest issue covered by the plan for a full year.
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